Much more than a photo and video production agency, we accompany brands & companies, we make them prosper by offering them the best strategies and advice. Through analysis, attentiveness and transparent communication, we aim to offer them excellence.

We have more than 7 years of experience in the fashion and luxury industry and we want to make our clients happy.

Our company culture: 

"love, be and serve".

We have put together all the services needed to make your project a success.

« If you put your heart and energy into every project as if it were your own, success is the end point.»
Valérie Glasting, Founder & Art director at GlastingAgency

Why choose us ?


A strong service culture and an organisation dedicated to customer satisfaction.

We push the boundaries in the pursuit of our clients' success. This ensures that you always get more opportunities, innovative thinking and maximum return on investment. 

We believe that every challenge comes with a solution. The key is to be inventive.

The + : Respect for costs and deadlines and a constant high quality service

Attention to detail

From pre-production to post-production, every detail is important.

At Glasting Agency, quality is paramount to us in order to provide you with images that will make a difference.

Because our agency combines experience, creativity and an eye for detail, our teams will know how to magnify your productions and offer you results that meet your expectations.

This attention to detail is also the way we recruit our creative talents, as we bring together talents not only on the basis of their skills, but also their sensitivity, vision and genuine interest in the brand.

The human element

Total involvement at every stage of your project.

Respect, transparency and trust are at the heart of our approach, creating a real interaction with our clients.

Favouring a qualitative relationship and long-term collaborations, Glasting Agency accompanies the growth of each of its clients.

Strong values drive us: Proposal force - Attentiveness - Reliability - Transparency.

"What sets us apart is our ability to approach each project as if it were our own ! "

Join us in Portugal !

With over 300 days of sunshine a year and less than 3 hours from most European cities, Portugal is an ideal destination for your photo and video projects at any time of the year. 

You will be spoilt for choice with the variety of landscapes and locations the country has to offer (rocky or flat beaches, paradisiacal islands, cliffs and rock formations, architectural wonders, exotic gardens, palaces, mediaeval villages, mountains and valleys,...). 

The advantage? Lower production costs of up to 20 %. 

What about you, where are you shooting next?


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